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ApacheMobileFilter 4.20 (22 Mar 2017)

Add AMF_BROWSER_TYPE for detect browser

Add AMF_BROWSER_VERSION for detect browser version


Deprecate AMF_DEVICE_MOBILE_OS_VERSION now is AMF_DEVICE_OS_VERSION (in this verision extract the version only for mobile)

ApacheMobileFilter 4.12 (30 Sep 2016)

Fix bug for detect the correct number version for iOS device

ApacheMobileFilter 4.11 (24 Aug 2016)

Fixed bug(thanks to NiFello)!topic/amf-device-detection/AXeC09XHkXA

Fixed bug(thanks to fliptop) probably resolved!topic/amf-device-detection/PvqkAf1bXSA

ApacheMobileFilter 4.10 (19 Jul 2016)

Add AMFDownloadParam ( AMFDownloadParamURL is depracated)

Add AMF_DEVICE_IS_TV for detect smart tv (for AMFLiteDetectionFilter)

More optimization of download AMF repository

ApacheMobileFilter 4.09 (23 Apr 2016)

Add AMF_DEVICE_MOBILE_OS for detect operative system

Add AMF_DEVICE_MOBILE_OS_VERSION for detect operative system version

Optimization of download AMF repository

ApacheMobileFilter 4.08 (14 Apr 2016)

Search for several servers to download AMF repository

ApacheMobileFilter 4.07 (16 Aug 2015)

Added new parameter AMFSetProxy for set the proxy default is true

Added new parameter AMFSetHttpProxy for set the http proxy host

Added new parameter AMFSetHttpProxyPort for set the http proxy port

Added new parameter AMFSetGetParameterTimeOut for set the timeout for download parameter

Fix issue for UserAgent with "Google favicon" thanks to Colt

Search for mirror server to download AMF repository

ApacheMobileFilter 4.06 (01 Aug 2015)

Change source repository for AMFLiteDetect module

ApacheMobileFilter 4.05 (27 Jul 2015)

Fix issue

ApacheMobileFilter 4.04 (02 Jul 2015)

Change source repository for AMFLiteDetect module

ApacheMobileFilter 4.03 (09 Aug 2013)

Fixed bug (thanks to Juan) ref.!topic/amf-device-detection/QQgYOTJb2Fs.

Fixed bug (thanks to Juan) ref.!topic/amf-device-detection/ZOOSFL6JS4Y.

ApacheMobileFilter 4.02 (09 Apr 2013)

Fixed serious bugs (thanks to maarten).

ApacheMobileFilter 4.01 (28 Feb 2013)

Fixed serious bug in AMFWebService (thanks to juan).

ApacheMobileFilter 4.00 (04 Feb 2013)

Added new capability for LiteDetection now it's possible to detect if device supports touch screen

Change Architecture for module supports memcached

ApacheMobileFilter 3.54 (15 Oct 2012)

Fix serious bug for LiteDetection now it's possible to detect mobile and tablet correctly

ApacheMobileFilter 3.53 (4 Jun 2012)

Deprecate webPatchFile

Parameter LoadWebPatch is deprecated

Parameter PatchWurflNetDownload is deprecated

Parameter PatchWurflUrl is deprecated

ApacheMobileFilter 3.52 (20 Apr 2012)

Fixed minor bug in AMFImageRendering module

ApacheMobileFilter 3.51 (13 Feb 2012)

Change logic for be more mod_rewrite compatible

Added new feature for download directly the premium device repository directly from site

Added new parameter Key51Degrees to set premium key

Added new pre-requisit LWP::Protocol::https for support https connection

Fixed bug for modules that used memcached

Fixed bug for AMFSwitcher

Added parameter TypeRedirect for specify the type of redirect for AMFSwitcher

Clean header for AMFImageRendering

Added environment variable AMF_FORCE_TO_DESKTOP is setted as true that mean you don't want redirect mobile device (mod_rewrite)

ApacheMobileFilter 3.50 (19 Dec 2011)

Added New Module AMF51DegreesFilter and AMF51DegreesFilterMemcached for load 51Degrees DR (

Fixed bugs for DetectRight modules

Fixed bugs for AMFCarrierDetection

ApacheMobileFilter 3.40a (07 Nov 2011)

Fixed some minors bugs

Add AMF Environment variable AMF_DEVICE_ISMOBILE (boolean)

Add AMF AMFDownloadParamURL parameter for AMFLiteDetection default is true.

Added New Module AMFLiteDetectionFilter for who don't want to use a commercial DR.

Added New Module AMFDetectRightFilter and AMFDetectRightFilterMemcached for load Detect Right DB (

Added new function that check the last version on line, it's possible enable with AMFCheckVersion parameter on true (default is false)

Added parameter AMFDeepParse to increase the performance of Device Detection

ApacheMobileFilter 3.33 (06 Oct 2011)

AMFCommonLib optimize code for device detection.

AMFImageRendering correct bugs about fullbrowser. Thanks to Carsten.

AMFDeviceMonitor support Deflate mode. Carsten rewrite for me parts of code, many thanks.

ApacheMobileFilter 3.32 (10 Aug 2011)

Add Alert message for new license of WURFL.

ApacheMobileFilter 3.31 (02 Jul 2011)

Change Makefile.PL

Add info information for image supported

Add AMFWSCacheControl parameter in AMFWebService, so all proxy cache in middle don’t send many request to webservice. (suggested by juan).

Fix bugs for Opera (if webpatch is loaded)

ApacheMobileFilter 3.30 (21 Apr 2011)

AMFImageRendering now supports animated GIF

AMFWebService supports deflate mode.

AMFWebService add new feature called capabilityList, to get specific capability (syntax is capabilityList=brand_name,xhtml_table_support). Thanks to Juan

ApacheMobileFilter 3.25 (01 Jun 2011)

Fixed bugs in AMFSwitcher. Thanks to Christofer.

Optimize detection logic for iPhone and Apple. Thanks to Dave

ApacheMobileFilter 3.24 (21 Apr 2011)

Optimize detection logic

Introduce new configuration parameter PersonalWurflFileName

ApacheMobileFilter 3.23 (09 Feb 2011)

Improve sophoisticated Android Detection (check correct OS version)

Fixed minor bugs, wrong message for AMFMobileHome.

ApacheMobileFilter 3.22 (07 Jan 2011)

Fixed bugs on FallBack function

Optimize device detection logic.

Change resize mechanism for jpg and png file, now it's faster and managed transparency images.

Improve sophisticated Android Detection

ApacheMobileFilter 3.21 (24 Nov 2010)

Fixed bugs for mobile bot

ApacheMobileFilter 3.20 (12 Nov 2010)

New detection for Android Device

New detection for bot. Thanks to Cristobal.

ApacheMobileFilter 3.12 (28 Oct 2010)

If a useragent is empty now AMF recongize as generic browser. Thanks to Alberto.

Fixed bugs

ApacheMobileFilter 3.11 (24 Sep 2010)

Fixed bug for AMFSwticher, managed correctly 2 virtual host (one mobile and one for fullbrowser). Thanks to Sergio

Fixed bug for AMFWebService.

Add new environment variable AMF_PATCHFILEVER

Added parameter ForceTabletAsFullBrowser for redirect tablet (for example iPad) to the fullbrowser site

ApacheMobileFilter 3.10 (31 Aug 2010)

Fixed bugs for some browser. Thanks to Sergio

ApacheMobileFilter 3.09b (06 Aug 2010)

Fixed bugs for chrome

ApacheMobileFilter 3.09 (03 Aug 2010)

Device detection it's no more case sensitive for ua mobile devices.

Fixed minor bugs.

ApacheMobileFilter 3.08 (01 Jul 2010)

Added new module AMFWebService, for XML and JSON output. Thanks to Stefano L.

Added parameter RestMode (default is false) if it's is possible to pass in query string the value of userAgent

AMFImageRendering not rendering image if its width is less then the width of the device screen, thanks to Emiliano M.

Added parameter ImageParamPerc for to change the default parameter dim.

Added parameter ImageParamHeight for to change the default parameter height.

Added parameter ImageParamWidth for to change the default parameter width.

Added parmaeter ResizeSmallImage (default is false), if it's true AMFImageRendering resie alse the image smallest of fecvice screen size (low quality).

Added parameter FullBrowserMobileAccessKey for that permit the mobile device to access in fullbrowser mode (for example iPhone).

Fixed bug for some particular PC user agent. Thanks Danielle K.


ApacheMobileFilter 3.07 (31 May 2010)

Fixed Bugs in, thanks to Siemens

ApacheMobileFilter 3.06 (16 Apr 2010)

Manage the operamini browser now the filter detect correctly the device and the browser

ApacheMobileFilter 3.05 (22 Mar 2010)

Added parameter AMFMobileKeys for patch identify mobile useragent.

Delete warn in AMFMobileCachingMemcached

Add new module AMFTrace for trace.

Added parameter AMFTraceDebug is boolean (false is the default value, and trace only new useragent, true trace the capabilitis setted in AMFTraceCapability.

Added parameter AMFTraceCapability is the capability name you want to trace (for ex. brand, model, etc....).

Added parameter AMFTraceFS to set the field separate between the capabilities to trace.

ApacheMobileFilter 3.04 (26 Feb 2010)

Deprecated parameter CookieCacheSystem is changed in AMFProductionMode

Change Makefile.PL Fixed bugs. Thanks to Ivancho.

Fixed bugs for CookieCacheSystem (now AMFProductionMode)

ApacheMobileFilter 3.03 (19 Feb 2010)

Deprecated parameter MOBILE_HOME is changed in AMFMobileHome

Fixed Bug in AMFWURFLFilter. Thanks to Allison.

Fixed Bug for AMFImageRender (with different virtual host conflic with images with the same name). Thanks to Sergio.

Fixed Bug for AMFImageRender (with different uri conflict with images with the same name).

ApacheMobileFilter 3.02 (21 Jan 2010)

Fixed Bug in AMFWURFLFilter. If CapabilityList was not setted, caused an "uninitialized value".

Fixed Bug in AMFSwitcher. (the bug is it only in 3.01) Thanks to Richard W.

ApacheMobileFilter 3.01 (16 Jan 2010)

Fixed Bug in AMFCommonLib. Thanks to Amit New Parameter called WildCardRedirect that passed the parameter end the url to another site. Thanks to Amit New Parameter called SwitcherExclude excludes the url that contains one or more strings that is been specified into the parameter.

ApacheMobileFilter 3.00 (12 Jan 2010)

Change name of the package Apache2-WURFLFilter to Apache2-ApacheMobileFilter

Change name of module in

Change name of module in

Create new module called to use memcached ( as shared memory in cluster mode.

Create new module called to use memcached ( as shared memory in cluster mode. This module cash the content for id device

Fixed bugs WURFLFilter

Fixed bugs in old called now, no more internal redirect.

Configuration AMF+ filter
AMF and mod_rewrite
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