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This page listed the contributors to the project and that AMF have helped make the software better:

Adriano F. nick Uometto is the first person who believed in my project

Ivan M. nick Sigmund he suggested me some feature of software

Sergio (5)

Ali Nebi (3)

John W. (3)

Juan Enciso C. (3)

Allison (2)

Amit (2)

Dany Gielow (1)

Alberto (1)

Stefano L. (1)

Emiliano M. (1)

Danielle K. (1)

Siemens Company (1)

Ivancho (1)

Richard W. (1)

Eladio (1)

nobbynobbs (1)

Luigi T. (1)

Maarten S. (1)

Clotilde D. (1)

Roger Egeber (1)

Dima Kozak (1)

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AMF and mod_rewrite
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