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Which Device Repository AMF supports ?

In this moment AMF supports DetectRight and WURFL device repository.

How the single virtual host of Apache can see the AMF environment variable in httpd.conf ?

just put in the main configuration of Apache this command:

PerlOptions +Parent

Which platforms AMF supported ?

In the theory all platform support Apache and Mod_Perl but if you want have more informations go to CPAN test report

Which Device Repository AMF supported ?

AMF in this moment supports WURFL and from V3.40 supports DetectRight, if you don't need to have a DeviceRepository you can try LiteDetectionFilter

If someone is using an iPad or some other type of tablet, they should be able to view the normal version of the site since they have a larger screen than actual mobile devices do. AMFSwitcher can do this ?

Yes, in httpd.conf file you must set this option:

PerlSetEnv ForceTabletAsFullBrowser true

Is possible to use AMF and Tomcat ?

Yes, it's possible to use AMF and Tomcat. Look documentation about AMFDetectRightFilter,AMF51DegreesFilter and AMFWURFLFilter

Is possible to use AMF with Drupal ?

YES. AMF is a Filter and is possible to use with any cms (wordpress, drupal, joomla etc.) . This link on drupal.org explain how:


Do you think to support GINX ?

Not yet

AMFImageRendering support transparency images ?


AMFImageRendering support animated gif ?

Yes. From the v3.30 or newer the AMF support animated gif

AMFWebService support DEFLATE mode ?

Yes. From the v3.30 or newer DEFLATE mode is supported.

AMF supports Apache 1.xx ?


Configuration AMF+ filter
AMF and mod_rewrite
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