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Device Fragmentation

The world of mobile devices is very chaotic. Any device got differents features, for example the screen size, the memory and other different capabilities. This features increase every year. This chaos has a name "Device Fragmentation":


For each devices there are many information that we have to know to develope mobile services, Therefore we need a DB that contains this information and an application that uses it to identify mobile devices and software to provide this information.


Device Repository

Here is the defined from wikipedia:

“The Device Description Repository (DDR) is a concept proposed by the Mobile Web Initiative Device Description Working Group (DDWG) of the World Wide Web Consortium. The DDR is supported by a standard interface and an initial core vocabulary of device properties. Implementations of the proposed repository are expected to contain information about Web-enabled devices (particularly mobile devices). Authors of Web content will be able to make use of repositories to adapt their content to best suit the requesting device. This will facilitate the interaction and viewing of Web pages across devices with widely varying capabilities. Information in a repository should include information such as the screen dimensions, input mechanisms, supported colors, known limitations, special capabilities etc.”

(from wikipedia)


“WURFL stands for Wireless Universal Resource FiLe. It is part of a FOSS (which stands for Free and Open Source Software) community effort focused on the problem of presenting content on the wide variety of wireless devices. The WURFL itself is an XML configuration file which contains information about device capabilities and features for a variety of mobile devices. Device information is contributed by developers around the world and the WURFL is updated frequently reflecting new wireless devices coming on the market. Luca Passani from ScientiaMobile Inc is the driving force behind WURFL.” (from wikipedia)

For more info:


“DetectRight is a next-generation device database and detection system which is also output-compatible with other systems such as WURFL. It combines a detection system with over 900 algorithmic checks, and a dataset with nearly 30,000 distinct entities, a datapoint pool of over 1,000 datapoints, and completely dynamic profile generation, and is available in API or pure-data form. Programmed by Chris Abbott of DetectRight Limited, it originally started as a cloud service before morphing into a full standalone Java/PHP API in 2011. “

For more info:

"We maintain a unique device database that's been built from real handsets, manufacturer's specifications, our usage information and web site responses. Having a list of this information – we call it Device Data – enables a web site to identify a user's web browser and physical device type."

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