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The AMFLiteDetection is suggested to use for solution that not need exactly the type of device, but only if is a mobile, if is a tablet and if has a touch screen. Is not require a Device Repository

The modules does this three steps:

  • load AMF parameters from httpd.conf
  • load data additinal parameter from online service (is free)
  • and waiting for a useragent
AMFLiteDetectionFilter arch.png


The first step is to define the AMFMobileHome this is important for AMF because is used to store the information downloaded on line.

In httpd.conf of Apache you define this parameter:

PerlSetEnv AMFMobileHome /home/AMF

where AMFMobileHome must be writeable.

On Line Update

On Startup of Apache the AMFLiteDetectionFilter update from the parameters, if the update is failed the AMF take the last file downloaded. For disable this option:

PerlSetEnv AMFDownloadParamURL false

Settings for production environment

To increase performance on DeviceDetection is suggested to use the directive AMFProductionMode (default is false). In this mode the device has been detected only the first time that access on web server. In this mode the performance will be higher. The syntax is:

PerlSetEnv AMFProductionMode true

Virtual Host

If you have multiple virtual hosts and you need different configuration of AMF for each host remember to set this configuration in httpd.conf:

PerlOptions +Parent 

Define to use AMFLiteDetectionFilter

PerlTransHandler +Apache2::AMFLiteDetectionFilter

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