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This module is for third party software the output could be json or xml


AMFWURFLFilter or AMFWURFLFilter must be configured and loaded. And the parmeter RestMode mus be true.


On httpd.conf:

<Location /WS/*>
   SetHandler modperl
   PerlResponseHandler Apache2::AMFWebService*
   Allow from all

Syntax to access to the webservice:

To have the wurfl capabilities as xml of some device you need to do this get:

GET http://<host>:<port>/WS/?<type=xml>&amf=<user_agent>

To have the wurfl capabilities as json of some device you need to do this get:

GET http://<host>:<port>/WS/?type=json&amf=<user_agent>

To have some capability you can add the capabilityListExample:

GET http://<host>:<port>/WS/?type=json&amf=<user_agent>&capabilityList=<capabiliy 1, capability 2, etc>


If you use proxy to access to the AMFwebservice, is suggested to use AMFWSCacheControl. With this paramerer all proxy cache in middle don’t send many request to webservice. The syntax is:

PerlSetEnv AMFWSCacheControl max-age=2592000
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