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This module is for third party software the output could be json or xml



AMFDetectRightFilter,AMFDetectRightFilterMemcached, AMFWURFLFilter or AMFWURFLFilterMemcached must be configured and loaded. And the parmeter RestMode must be true.


On httpd.conf:

<Location /WS/*>
   SetHandler modperl
   PerlResponseHandler Apache2::AMFWebService*
   Allow from all

Syntax to access to the webservice

To have the wurfl capabilities as xml of some device you need to do this get:

GET http://<host>:<port>/WS/?<type=xml>&amf=<user_agent>

To have the wurfl capabilities as json of some device you need to do this get:

GET http://<host>:<port>/WS/?type=json&amf=<user_agent>

To have some capability you can add the capabilityListExample:

GET http://<host>:<port>/WS/?type=json&amf=<user_agent>&capabilityList=<capabiliy 1, capability 2, etc>


If you use proxy to access to the AMFwebservice, is suggested to use AMFWSCacheControl. With this paramerer all proxy cache in middle don’t send many request to webservice. The syntax is:

PerlSetEnv AMFWSCacheControl max-age=2592000
Configuration AMF+ filter
AMF and mod_rewrite
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